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Tucker Tots

Smock + Bib

Smock + Bib

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Our smock and bib combination is a MUST have at feeding time!

Make feeding time a breeze with our own very own design and personally tested smock and bib combination. With the extra length this smock will ensure your baby is fully covered protecting all of the clothes. This smock has a little piece of material that tucks into your babies collar acting as a barrier between the food and your babies clothes. This little genius piece of material stops food from falling behind the smock. This smock also has removable arms that are snap clipped on for winter  and can be removed for summer. The back of the smock has three adjustable size clips at the neck so your little can wear this masterpiece from first feeds to arts and crafts when they are a little older. We have also inserted an additional snap clip to close the smock at the back protecting the entire outfit. The sleeves are elasticised at the wrists so that food cannot sneak up the arms and onto your littles clothes. Couple all of these features with the addition of the soft silicone bib your baby is sure to stay clean. The catching piece of the bib will catch any food that misses the mouth ensuring the clean up process is much faster! Simply rinse and drain ready to be used at next feed. 

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